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Copper CCR Continuous Casting Rolling line

Product Category

Application and Composition

This line works to produce a low-oxygen glossy copper rod in 8mm diameter by means of continuous casting and rolling process, with cathode or red copper scrap as the feedstock.

The line is composed of 1 set of five-wheel casting machines, drive units, roller shears, straightener and burring units, shaver, rolling mill, coiler, and electrical control system.

Brief Process Flow

Casting machine to get cast bar → roller shears → straightener → burring unit → shaver to treat cast bar → feed-in unit → rolling mill → cooling unit to quench rod → winding unit to pre-shape rod → star coiler to lay rod into coil.

Refined melted copper as Feedstock

Refined and melted cooper from the furnace flows to the casting machine. The furnace is not included.

Main Technical Specifications

item Parameter
Diameter of rod φ8mm andφ12.5mm
Capacity 12~14 tons/hr.
Weight of coil 3.0~5.0tons
Overall dimension of plant 40×7.8×6.1m (not including melting furnace and cooling water circulation
Weight of coil 3.0~5.0tons
Weight of coil 3.0~5.0tons



copper scrap solution comparison
Process Purity Scrap Quantity Product/Purity Main Equipment
CCR >95.2% 10KT-50KT/annually Rod/99.9% Furnace, Casting/rolling, fume treatment
Adding to upcast after refinery >96%  1-3KT/annually Rod/99.9% Refining furnace, Up casting line
Adding to upcast without refinery >99.5% 5-20KT/annually Rod/99.95% Up casting line
Direct Electrolysis  >96% <2 KT/a nnually Cathode/99.95% Electrolysis system, water purification
Anode Electrolysis 90-92% 5KT-150KT/annually Cathode/99.97% Refinery furnace, fume treatment,anode caster, electrolysis system, water purification