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Copper Strip Pickling line

Product Category

Intermediate pickling is to facilitate the next step of rolling: rust removal; oil removal; stain and oxide layer removal.

Final pickling is to facilitate final bright annealing: rust removal; oil removal; polishing; passivation.


Pickling line

 Strip inlet thickness: 0.1mm-1.5mm /0.5mm- 3.5mm

 Maximum strip width: 650mm

 Processing speed: 60-80m/min

Five working mode

 1.preparing mode

 2.strip threading mode

 3.running mode

 4.pause mode

 5. Emergency stop mode

Tension control 

 By S-roller (thickness less than 2mm)

 By straightening roll (thickness 2mm-4mm)

Bell annealing furnace (Used for copper/copper alloy or steel strips, tubes, billets bright annealing)

 Temperature uniformity: ±5℃

 Protection gas: N2 or ­­H2

 Loading capacity: customized