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Continuous Extrusion machine

Product Category

The technology of Continuous Extrusion and Cladding

The feedback is pulled to the groove by the rotating wheels. With huge friction generated, the material is forced to flow through the arc-shaped passage. Under high temperature and pressure, the metal is extruded through the various dies and becomes profiles or tubes.

Application & Advantages

·For the production of the copper flat strip, copper bar, contact, aluminum flat wire, aluminum tube, trolley contact wire, and other solid conductors.

·Feedstock can be pure copper, copper alloy, pure aluminum, aluminum alloy

·Neither heating nor annealing process, less energy cost

·Smooth surface, no peel and small stick defect, high electrical and insulation capability.

·High-quality product resulted by the hot deformation, solid dense and fine crystallization·improve the performance of the product.

·Long lasting compare to other brands