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Aluminum Strip Casting Mill

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Our aluminum strip process includes casting mill, cold rolling mill, leveling and slitting.

Casting mill, also called non-ingot rolling, is a combined forming method of casting method and rolling method.

Casting mill is a new process of directly “casting and rolling” molten metal into semi-finished billets or finished products. The notable feature of this process is that its crystallizer is two rotating casting rolls with a water cooling system, and the melt is completed in the gap between the two processes of solidification and hot rolling, and it is completed in a short time (2~3s).



    Unit Data
Production parameters Aluminum alloy 1000、3003、8011
Nominal thickness mm 7
Line parameters Rolling force KN 8000~25000
Roll line speed mm/min 1500(Max.)
Roll diameter mm Ф720~1200
Roll length mm     1450~2300