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HCC Horizontal Continuous Casting line

Product Category

Horizontal continuous casting line uses copper scrap to produce strip, round billet, tubes with big diameter. The production of HCC can be used as raw material for coin blanks, ammunition cups and conductor strips.

HCC is used to melt copper ingots or high-clean copper scraps (simple pressing after sieving), and then make them into high copper billet (round), copper tubes, or thick copper plates (slabs). There is no smelting process (the purity of raw material will not be changed), the plate will usually go to a rolling mill and slitting process to get copper strip; the copper billet will be extruded into profile, and the copper tube will shape to the thin condenser tube by combined drawbench.

The line is fully automatic control with PLC and HMI

Casting strip

 Width: max 650mm

 Thickness: 12-16mm

 Speed: 100-200mm/min (adjustable)

Casing billet

 Diameter: 8-300mm

 Speed: 40—1000mm/min (adjustable)

Casting tube

 OD 16-400mm

 ID: 8-360mm

 Speed: 30-500mm/min (adjustable)