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Bell Annealing furnace

Product Category

Bright (vacuum) bell annealing furnaces are to brightening and annealing the copper/copper alloy or steel strips, tubes, billets.

The bright annealing process for copper strips includes intermediate annealing process and  final annealing process.

Copper strip intermediate annealing is to facilitate the next step of rolling: Reduce tension, soften copper strip

Copper strip final annealing is the last step of the rolling-pickling-annealing cycle process. After rolling to the target thickness, final annealing will keep the strip bright, reduce the grain size. Then strip will go to the slitting line to get the final product.

The annealing process for copper wire can increase the conductivity of the wire.


Main technical specification:

Temperature uniformity: ±5℃

Protection gas: N2 or H2

Loading capacity: customized



Process flow

Loading  →  inside cover on  →  hydraulic locking  →  vacuum  →  reach the setting vacuum value  → 

gas tightness checking  →  safety gas in  →  reach the setting pressure value  → 

inlet the protection gas and outlet the waste gas  →  heating cover on  →  heating enabled  → 

start heating  →  recycling fan activated  →  fan speed adjusting automatically  →  reaching the target temperature  → 

holding start  →  holding finished  →  main heating circuit cut off  →  bell changing alarming  →  cooling bell on  → 

cooling fan activated   →  reach the water cooling temperature  →  cooling fan stops, water cooling start  → 

after 120 sec, variable frequency motor activated  →  reach the output temperature  → 

water cooling, recycling fan, protection gas and waste gas stops  →  alarming  →  vacuum  →  vacuum finished  → 

safety gas  →  reach the setting pressure  →  loosen the hold-down device  →  remove the inside bell  →  unloading  → 

loading raw material and repeat the above process.