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Aluminum Strip Leveller

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Finishing equipment can correct defects such as cracked edges, oily, poor shape, residual stress during the hot rolling and cold rolling production process. It needs to ensure that no other defects are brought into the production process. The finishing equipment is diverse, mainly including cross-cutting, slitting, leveler, annealing furnace, slitting machine, etc.

Aluminum strip leveler (straightener):

2.5~8.0mm thick alloy aluminum strip is generally straightened by a multi-roll precision leveler to improve the shape and dimensional accuracy of the product


Raw material Al or Al alloy 1000,3003,8011 series
Yield strength 350MPa
Strip thickness 0.1~2.5mm
Strip width 800~1700mm
Max coil OD F2200mm
Line speed Max:200m/min
Threading speed 15m/min
Max elongation 3%
Max tension 55 KN
Control accuracy of the elongation ±0.01%
Incoming strip shape condition 60I
Bending control plate type 5I