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Aluminum Bath-type holding furnace

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Immersion heating bath holding furnace

Introduction: Mainly used to maintain the temperature of molten aluminum during metal die casting, gravity casting and low-pressure casting.

Holding furnace capacity: 600-3000 kg

Heating power:16-36kW


Plate-Type Holding Furnaces

Introduction: A plate-type holding furnace is used for heat preservation of molten aluminum during metal casting. Made of high-strength calcium silicate insulation boards that are non-sticky with molten aluminum, the molten pool has unique advantages over common molten pools.

Holding furnace capacity: 500-1500kg

Heating power: 13-27kW


Dosing Holding Furnace

Introduction: The dosing holding furnace is mainly used for heat preservation of molten aluminum and fixed supply of aluminum during aluminum casting. For the furnace, aluminum is supplied by gas pressurization and an expert-based dosing calculation procedure is adopted, realizing the quantification of aluminum supply and high-efficiency production. The furnace is a new-type holding furnace manufactured by the Company using the self-developed “dosing control technology” based on years of experience in producing low-pressure holding furnaces and automatic liquid surface compression systems.

Heating bath-type holding furnace capacity: 600-3100Kg (AL)

Single aluminum tapping volume: 1-150 kg

Dosing accuracy: <± 1.5%