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Extrusion Press accessory equipment

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Equipment for handling extruded profiles after press is varied. Generally, our accessory equipment includes die heating furnace, billet furnace, handling table, puller and aging furnace.


1350T handling table

No Item Parameters
1 Adaptive standard height of handling table 800±20mm(from roller to the floor)
2 The center line of the discharging distance ≤320mm
3 Adaptive run out table length ≥5m
4 Pulling Length (Handing Table) 32m
5 Adaptive height and width of aluminum profile W200*H150mm
6 Synchronize with pull force 10~100kgf
7 Synchronize with pull speed 0~100m/min
8 Rapid return speed 0~400m/min
9 Cutting scrap length ≤200mm
10 Cutting linear velocity ≈4000m/min
11 Cutting push speed ≤300mm/s(Depend on the thickness of profile,adjustable)
12 External connection air pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa,≈1m³/h
13 Power of pull motor 7.5kw*2
14 Power of Vehicle-mounted hydraulic system 1.5kw *2
15 Motor power of cutting saw 4kw
16 Cutting Mist Spray Pneumatic
17 Control System PLC