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One Step Electrolysis

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Processing description
Through this method, we can use the copper scrap (copper content ≧96%) to produce 99.95% cathode copper. For low grade copper scrap, this method is not economical.

Processing flow

Copper scrap —- separating —-shredding and cutting —– electrolysis— cathode copper

Copper Scrap Solution Comparison
Process Purity Scrap Quantity Product/Purity Main Equipment
CCR >95.2% 10KT-50KT/annually Rod/99.9% Furnace, Casting/rolling, fume treatment
Adding to upcast after refinery >96%  1-3KT/annually Rod/99.9% Refining furnace, Up casting line
Adding to upcast without refinery >99.5% 5-20KT/annually Rod/99.95% Up casting line
Direct Electrolysis  >96% <2 KT/a nnually Cathode/99.95% Electrolysis system, water purification
Anode Electrolysis 90-92% 5KT-150KT/annually Cathode/99.97% Refinery furnace, fume treatment,anode caster, electrolysis system, water purification