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Heat treatment solution and aging furnace

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The equipment is mainly used for solution hardening and artificial aging heat treatment of aluminum alloy workpieces and the annealing heat treatment of aluminum alloys.
Used for treatment of aluminum alloy T4, T5, T6, T7 and T8.


Trolley type solution hardening furnace

Trolley type furnace is a continuous heat treatment furnace. It is ideal equipment for heat treatment mass production in the automotive parts manufacturing industry such as wheels, cylinders, valve covers, pistons, etc.


Vertical aluminum solution hardening furnace (electric heating, gas heating)

The vertical aluminum solution-hardening furnace, also known as drop-bottom aluminum solution-hardening furnace, is a heating furnace for periodic heat treatment, used for production of ultrahigh-quality workpieces in the war, aerospace, automobile manufacturing and high-voltage electrical equipment industries.

Small batch, high quality―the best choice for solution treatment of aluminum!!

Well-type solution hardening furnace

well type also known as pit-type solution hardening and the aging furnace is a heating furnace for periodic heat treatment.

the large production uses one main furance with several sub-furnace, to have multi-zone temperature control.