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Aluminum Wheel Ingot Casting

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The machine adopts the 4 wheel-belt continuous casting technology which is a brand new way to continuously cast aluminum alloy ingots (A356, etc.). The ingots are cooled by water spray to a safe temperature before entering the stacking position, then the finished ingot could be packed by a stacking robot.

The advantage of this new type machine is as below:

1. The ingot’s crystal grains are fine and uniform.

2. High efficiency, highly automated and intelligent, safe to operate.

3. Simple process, less investment.

4. Good surface quality obtained, also there are no casting defects such as pores, leading edge etc.

5. Flexible for multi-product manufacturing

6. Finished ingot’s shape facilitates the automatic stacking way



 No   Item Name

4-wheel casting line


Front Drive Unit


Roller shears

Motor 22 kW



Consisting of a transmission mechanism and straightener mechanism, the straightener is used to straighten and guide the cast bar with the help of five guide rollers, of which two are upper and three are lower fixed. Moving up or pressing down of the wheel is drove by a cylinder, and controlled by an electrical system.


Multi-frequency Heater


Feeding Device


Rolling Mill

1. Outlet diameter:  Φ9.5mm, Φ12mm

2. Number of stands: 15, 13

3. Final rolling speed: 6.2m/s (Max.)

4. Power of main motor:400kw(DC), 600r.p.m 

5. Pass system: “Arc triangle – circle”



Quenching Device for Aluminum Alloy Ingot

9 Take-up unit