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Aluminum Cladding Steel Wire machine

Product Category

Aluminum cladding steel wire:

Aluminum-clad steel wire is a high-efficiency and energy-saving composite material composed of steel wire as the core wire, covered with a certain thickness of aluminum layer on the surface of the steel wire by extrusion or other methods, and drawn through multiple modes. Aluminum-clad steel wire has good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and has excellent properties such as high tensile strength, vibration resistance, and fatigue resistance.

According to different purposes, it can be made into single wire, aluminum-clad steel stranded wire, aluminum-clad steel core aluminum stranded wire, etc., which can be widely used in high-voltage power grid transmission wires, overhead ground wires, railway electrified power transmission leads, post and telecommunications departments. Aluminum-clad steel stranded wire, aluminum-clad steel core aluminum stranded wire, as a new high-efficiency and energy-saving composite material, has a broad market prospect.

Production process:

Our production line adopts an advanced and reliable hot extrusion process. The main processes are:

Steel core preparation, Cladding processing, Aluminum-cladding steel stranding, ACSR production

Each process involves several pieces of machinery. The full line has world advanced technology and a high level of automation. We can also supply parts of the line according to customer needs.

Cladding processing flow chart: