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Up Casting line

Product Category


The up casting line is one of our strength products, it is the best way of making oxygen free copper rods. With its advantages of flexible capacity and product size, compact process, economic power installation and consumption. The rods of our up casting line are widely used as raw material for continuous extrusion and enameling.

Upward continuous casting oxygen-free copper rod production line (called the plant as follow), it is used for producing the big length shining/bright oxygen-free copper rod, the big length shining oxygen-free copper tube and the big length shining oxygen-free copper flat strip, etc.


Craftwork flow

Cathode copper/Scrap copper → melting furnace → transition chamber → holding furnace → casting machine (crystal molding) → casting rod → take-up device → on sale or further producing

Put the cathode copper into the melting furnace of QL1 compounded furnace straightly. It will be melted into liquid by a frequency inductor. Then the liquid of copper smoothly pass through the transition chamber and will flood into the holding furnace automatically , and then it will be deoxidized by the charcoal covered. The liquid of copper will become a casting rod quickly by the crystallizer of the casting machine in the holding furnace. Then it will be hauled by the double-withdrawal roller of the casting machine. When the casting rod is hauled off, it will be led to take-up device.


Copper Scrap Solution Comparison
Process Purity Scrap Quantity Product/Purity Main Equipment
CCR >95.2% 10KT-50KT/annually Rod/99.9% Furnace, Casting/rolling, fume treatment
Adding to upcast after refinery >96%  1-3KT/annually Rod/99.9% Refining furnace, Up casting line
Adding to upcast without refinery >99.5% 5-20KT/annually Rod/99.95% Up casting line
Direct Electrolysis  >96% <2 KT/a nnually Cathode/99.95% Electrolysis system, water purification
Anode Electrolysis 90-92% 5KT-150KT/annually Cathode/99.97% Refinery furnace, fume treatment,anode caster, electrolysis system, water purification