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Refinery furnace for upcast or anode plate production

Product Category

Upcast with refinery process is a good solution for customers with 3000-10000T goal per year using copper scrap as raw material.

At this condition, customers don’t have big capacity needs for the CCR line, but only have copper scrap as raw material which cannot directly use for the upcast process. The most economical way will be to add a refinery furnace at top of the up-cast line to increase the purity of the copper scrap. Please note even with the refinery process, cathode copper may still need to be added with a certain percentage mixed with copper scrap, in order to meet product rod quality.

Also, the refinery furnace can be used for anode plate production. 

Capacity: 30T-80T


copper scrap solution comparison
Process Purity Scrap Quantity Product/Purity Main Equipment
CCR >95.2% 10KT-50KT/annually Rod/99.9% Furnace, Casting/rolling, fume treatment
Adding to upcast after refinery >96%  1-3KT/annually Rod/99.9% Refining furnace, Up casting line
Adding to upcast without refinery >99.5% 5-20KT/annually Rod/99.95% Up casting line
Direct Electrolysis  >96% <2 KT/a nnually Cathode/99.95% Electrolysis system, water purification
Anode Electrolysis 90-92% 5KT-150KT/annually Cathode/99.97% Refinery furnace, fume treatment,anode caster, electrolysis system, water purification